The Food Bank
Location: Sun City

It is the goal of the Food Bank to give to any person or family who is in need, unconditionally. If you are that family, or you know of a family in need, please contact us and we would love to help. If you would like to give a food donation or a monetary gift please contact us or give online.  Thank you for your donation and for having a charitable heart. We pray the Lord would bless you 10 fold.

The Father’s House of Worship School of Ministry
Location: Sun City

In 2012 we began our first School of Ministry. As a body, the Lord was instructing us to raise up men and women who could minister beyond religion and denominational barriers. We believe He was seeking those that would see people through His eyes, and those that would hear His voice. In doing this, the supernatural ministry gifts to the body of Christ will be expanded. By teaching the Word, all aspects of ministry will grow as the students are placed into His plan and purpose.

What are His plans and the purpose of this school?

To build a connected work force of ministries that is in unity with Him and to establish the Five-Fold Ministry within each work.

To ordain and build the Ministry with mighty men and women of God who are free to seek help and comfort from others that would pray and stand with them through the challenges that they would face in the future.

To teach each ordained minister to guard the very presence of God and allow the Lord God to be the Pastor of the Church and the Head of the local body.

           Class of 2014

Junior Church
Location: Sun City

Each Sunday at 11 a.m. our children meet to hear the Word of God at a level that will reach them. Included in these teaching times are song, lesson and craft. Our leaders wants to nurture the Spirit of God within our youngest warriors. They are the next generation moving into the world, declaring the name of Jesus!