We are a church that believes in Jesus

Welcome to The Father’s House of Worship, located in South Central Kansas.  We are a New Testament Church striving to see Jesus glorified in all areas of worship, family and community. 
We are a Church that’s alive and worth the drive!
FHOW COVID-19 Safety Plan:
Personal Protection:
*     Sanitizing stations will be available        in the front entry, throughout the
      sanctuary and in the back rooms.
*     Masks will not be available;
      attendants must bring their own.
Social Distancing:
*     Attendants will sit 6 feet apart 
      and with their families.
*     Back rooms will be reserved for the        most vulnerable.
*     Sunday school classes will resume 
      with required social distancing and        safety guidelines.
*     Lunches will be served with 
      required social 
      distancing and safety guidelines.
Strict Cleaning:
*     The church will be cleaned and 
      sanitized after every and any
      social gathering.
*     24 hr area closure following any 
      confirmed cases.

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